Grammy-Nominated Artists: Chris and Aaron Poland Return!

Grammy-nominated artists Chris and Aaron Poland return leading the Warsaw Poland Brothers Thursday,
Aug. 29, at the Animus City Theatre, from 10 P.M. to 12:30 A.M. Catch Double AA on the Conch and Crix on the sax!

Band: Warsaw Poland Brothers

Genre: Ska, Reggae, large energetic rockin’ rollers with original licks and a few spicy covers just for kicks

Location/Time/Date: Animus City Theatre, from 10 P.M. to 12:30 A.M. Thursday, Aug 29 (doors open at 9 P.M.)

Tickets: 21 and up: tickets cost $8.00 – $10.00

Rock your sox off with some new additions to old fan favorites!



The Warsaw Poland Brothers find themselves in a good position with the fourth resurgence of Ska music. This time with refined dedication toward the music complemented by a new generation of fans.

The Warsaw Poland Bros. performed their original song “Rude Girl” on the Sony Gameshow Network’s “Extreme Gong Show.” This comical 1998 performance with it’s powerfully tight delivery is preserved on Youtube.

After their appearance on the Gong Show a movie was made about the groups trombonist Monkey Bone. Sadly they did not use the band’s title track “Monkey Bone.” The movie staring Brendon Fraser and Woopie Goldberg went on to poor reviews and sells.

Around the year 2000 the WPB were voted one of Jam Base’s top 10 touring bands. The band had a yearly roster of over 300 shows for 20 years. Add sixteen years to that and the brothers can boast just shy of 7,000 shows.

The Brothers or the WPB have played just about everywhere with several notable artist in most of North America and Hawaii. They have released several nationally distributed cd’s. Their most notable and quintessential Ska disc is the powerful “Battle Ska Galactica.” It went on to sell over 100,000 copies with the help of Caroline Records in the late 90’s.

In the years between 2005 and 2010 the Warsaw Poland Brothers were paired by Jagermeister on national tours as direct support for Pennywise, Pepper and Slightly Stupid.

With the current popularity of Ska, the Brothers have found themselves on top again. The groups longevity and the strength of their songs have elevated their status as founders of “Third Wave.” This welcomed new status has put them back in front of sizable audience in festivals and as support for nationals.

When Warsaw comes to town, you’ll be dancing, drinking, and partying with a zeal you never knew you had.

Na zdrowie! Cheers!


About the Band
Buster’s Ghost is a Ska band from Durango, Colorado. Originally formed in 2012, the band has grown into a staple of the four corners music scene. Regularly tapped for supporting groups such as the Toasters, Warsaw, and Reel Big Fish; Buster’s Ghost has modeled their sound after a combination of second and third wave Ska. Listeners who remember the up-beat, horn-melody laden sounds that frequented mainstream radio stations during the 90s can expect a nostalgic homecoming with a high energy mixture of covers and originals.

• Daniel Szabo: Guitar, Vocals
• Timmy Esposito: Saxophone, Vocals
• Cruz Muniz: Drums
• Chris Spears: Bass
• Bryce Staley: Trombone
• Kelly Emery: Trumpet

Debut Album
Buster’s Ghost will be supporting their first release, Horn Show, over the summer of 2019. The album is comprised of 10 original tracks, featuring the distinctive songwriting styles of the group’s members. From the straight ahead, boot kicking rhythms of the album’s namesake track, to the more aggressive themes of SkaBots, the album has an abundance for Ska fans to be excited about.


A driving three piece garage rock band sure to get any blood type pumping. Formed just over a year ago these Durango fellas are hoping to surge life into a local rock n roll scene. Catchy guitar riffs accompanied by thunderous drums and bass you can feel in yer spleen, Your Bones plays a wide spectrum of rock, with pillars of garage rock and punk these guys bend other genres into the blueprint giving homages to jazz and R&B with twists of heavy gut wrenching breakdowns to keep all listeners intrigued. Hoping to further spread the message of Rock N’ Roll across the four corners Your Bones is about to take full flight.

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