New stimulus check requirements? How the eligibility qualifications could change

As the negotiators of the next stimulus package work on the new bill, could more members of your household be eligible for the second $1,200 stimulus payment? Here’s the status of who would qualify under the relief bill.

As talks on the next coronavirus stimulus bill grind into their second weekend, negotiations between the White House and Democrats are teetering on the edge. “We want to reach an agreement,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday evening, following another round of talks, “but we’re very far apart.” The details of a second stimulus check are part of the package, including who qualifies for a new $1,200 payment.

As a way forward on a second round of payments, the Republicans are using their own HEALS Act as a guide, which is based in part on the requirements outlined for the first stimulus check. Democratic negotiators are using the Heroes Act as a foundation for their proposal, which passed the House of Representatives in May but was not taken up by the Senate.

We’ve examined the parties’ two proposals for the next economic rescue bill to sketch out who the new legislation might benefit and who could be left out. Each proposal includes at least one group that was excluded from receiving a payment the first time around.

Here’s what we know about who may — or may not — be included in the next stimulus payment. Check back for frequent updates to this story.

Post courtesy of CNET

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