The Magic of Mullein: Cowboy TP & More!

To many of us living in this beautiful little corner of Colorado Mullein is a fairly common sight. It can be recognized by its distinct towering rod-like stem that has an incredibly soft feel to its leaves and flowers. It’s no wonder it earned the name back in the old west as Cowboy Toilet Paper. This might come in handy if we keep seeing the toilet paper keep flying off our shelves!

Most of the time we pass the plant by, occasionally admire its beauty, and carry on with our day. And sure, it can definitely be used as a personal hygiene product but there is so much more Mullein has to offer!

Ancient peoples were know to make a tea from its leaves or flowers that was traditionally used for respiratory problems such as bronchitis or a cold. It was found in several laboratory studies that Mullein is found to exhibit anti-viral properties if used as an infusion. When enjoyed as tea Mullein was found to contain significant amounts of mucilage which soothes irritated membranes that in turn help with coughing involved with a cold.

In short, Mullein has been used by a wide diversity of cultures throughout time! It’s everywhere and hold AMAZING medicinal and practical values. When you’re enjoying the sun this season make sure to keep Mullein on the mind!

Mullein Benefits, Uses & History: Gaia Herbs®

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