Durango mountain biking – Durango, Colorado

Durango Mountain Biking


Durango Mountain Biking -You don’t have to die to go to heaven – just ask anyone in Durango that owns a mountain bike. From the tamest trail to the most wild ride around, it’s bound to give you the adrenaline fix that you need.

In the midst of the stunning San Juan Mountain Range, the trails around the town of Durango offer the mountain biker adventurous trails that are rivaled only by the scenery that surrounds them.

Biking Safety

While it’s fun to be a little crazy or adventurous on a mountain bike, one should always be sure to be safe: wear a helmet! Don’t overestimate your own abilities. Ride the trails that most-suit your experience level. Don’t get too gonzo on an easy trail where people are just walking, taking it easy or learning to ride.

One of the biggest concerns for safety at many parks and on trails is user conflict between bikers, hikers and horseback riders. They ask that bikers use trail courtesy, let people know when you are approaching behind them, particularly those on horseback. Be sure to yield right of way to horses, hikers and other bikers. Basically use your head; go out and have fun without endangering yourself or anyone else.