ROGER CLYNE & THE PEACEMAKERS with Special Guest D.L. Marble

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ROGER CLYNE & THE PEACEMAKERS with Special Guest D.L. Marble





Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers play the Abbey Theatre Nov. 20th

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers have not only redefined what mainstream radio would have the public believe is “popular,” but they have rewritten the rules on how songs are written and albums are made.  Sticking to their credo of art leading commerce, RCPM have consistently produced nothing but uncompromised, unadulterated, pure rock-n-roll for over a decade.

In the mid-90’s amidst the Seattle grunge sound,  Clyne and drummer PH Naffah made rock fun with their witty, irreverent lyrics and blazing guitar licks as half of the seminal Tempe-based band The Refreshments.  The “Freshies” released two albums including the 1996 cult-classic, Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy which produced the modern rock hits “Banditos” and “Down Together.” The Refreshments also wrote the theme for TV’s King of the Hill.

Following The Refreshments, Clyne and Naffah formed Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, and this time took even more control over their own destiny. Recording on a 100% independent record label, the first six consecutive studio releases from RCPM all debuted in the top 10 on Billboard’s Internet Sales chart…the first independent band to ever accomplish that feat. Two of their albums, 1999’s Honky Tonk Union and 2004’s ¡Americano! debuted at #1. RCPM quickly built a reputation as one of the hardest touring bands in America, delivering two hours of high energy rock night after night, playing between 150 to 200 shows a year with no two set lists repeated.  In 2008, the band traveled to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, and blazed new trails in the way albums are made. Setting up a make-shift studio in a rented house, the band challenged themselves to write and record eight songs in eight days from scratch. The songs off the resulting Turbo Ocho remain some of their most popular today. Clyne and Naffah, along with fellow Peacemakers Jim Dalton (The Railbenders) on lead guitar and Nick Scropos on bass, are preparing to keep their streak going with the release of a new album.

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