Structure Snow Loads

Our REAL winter in Durango continues, although we have a little break between snow storms to let the sunshine melt the ice & snow, and provide us good weather for a week of SNOWDOWN winter festival activities.

Snow loads continue to be of interest to many, so here is a quick update from  The minimum snow load in most areas of the City of Durango is 40 pounds. However, depending on the location of the structure, the snow load may range between 40 pounds at elevations of 6,500 feet and 65 pounds at 7,700 feet. County snow loads at higher elevations can differ, so please call me with any questions 970-375-7005.

Stay warm and keep safe while raking snow off your roof. ENJOY winter as the moisture is a true blessing!

Post courtesy of Jim Wotkyns Blog.  Read more here or search Durango real estate.

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