‘Twas the Week After Christmas

A hilarious and heartwarming story about what happens when the North Pole loses the Christmas Spirit.

It’s been years since the Elves and Reindeer have gotten along. The Reindeer egos are high and Elves’ productivity is low. Will a week of vacation help remind the Elves and Reindeer what Christmas is all about?

Lionel Bart’s


In this adaptation of the Broadway musical based on the Charles Dickens novel, orphan Oliver Twist falls in with a group of street-urchin pickpockets led by the Artful Dodger and masterminded by the criminal Fagin. When Oliver’s intended mark, Mr. Brownlow, takes pity on the lad and offers him a home, Fagin’s henchman Bill Sikes plots to kidnap the boy to keep him from talking.

Date: December 6

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Durango Arts Center

Website: https://durangoarts.org/2019-dyt-week-after-christmas-oliver/


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