Basketball and Cannabis? The NBA gives the OK!

In a major development for cannabis legalization, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that it will no longer test players for cannabis use. This marks a significant shift in the NBA’s approach to cannabis, which has long been prohibited under the league’s drug policy.

The decision to end cannabis testing was made after consultation with the National Basketball Players Association, which had been pushing for the change. The move has been welcomed by many players and advocates, who see it as a step towards the normalization of cannabis use in professional sports.

The NBA’s decision comes as more states legalize cannabis for adult use, and as public attitudes towards cannabis continue to shift. In recent years, there has been growing recognition of the potential benefits of cannabis, including its use for pain relief, anxiety, and other conditions.

The NBA’s decision also reflects a broader trend towards cannabis legalization and acceptance. In recent years, several states have legalized cannabis for adult use, and there is growing momentum for federal legalization.


The NBA’s decision to end cannabis testing is likely to have implications beyond just the league itself. It could encourage other professional sports leagues to rethink their approach to cannabis, and could help to reduce the stigma around cannabis use more broadly.

In addition, the NBA is also planning to let players promote and invest in cannabis companies.

In conclusion, the NBA’s decision to end cannabis testing is a major development in the ongoing effort to legalize cannabis use. It reflects changing attitudes towards cannabis and could have far-reaching implications for the industry as a whole.

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