IMBA, International Mountain Bicycling Association, has dubbed this Saturday, October 2nd as “International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.”  This is the 6th year that IMBA has celebrated this special event. Why not join in. It’s easy, and it’s fun.  All you have to do, is grab a kid, gear up, and hit the trails. Some cities organize big events around this special day, but- that doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t get out and enjoy it too.

Do a little research in advance to see where you should go- level of difficulty, duration, etc. Trails range from beginner to difficult- and it’s best to set them up for success. I.E. DON’T START THEM ON A RIDE THAT THEY’LL NEVER WANT TO TRY AGAIN.  Guides like, and many others offer great advice on the variety of trails available in and around Durango. Then get ready to hit the trails. Mountain Bike Specialists downtown can get your gear together for you (they can also offer some valuable information re: trail access).

Mountain Biking is a great activity to share with your kids. It’s adventurous, great for everyone’s physical health and the trails in Durango offer some pretty incredible views. If you don’t know or have any kids yourself, grab a friend and get out there. We’ve all got a little kid deep within, waiting for the chance to get out and play. Why not let that kid in you get a little dirty this Saturday… or anyday for that matter.  Be safe, but most of all- HAVE FUN!  


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