Local Cyclist Celebrated with Peloton Party

Durango celebrates a local cycling hero who has transcended the spotlight of Southwest Colorado by leading the most historic season in cycling. Vuelta a Espana winners, Sepp Kuss gets a Champion’s welcome home. You’re watching the Local News Network brought to you by Kroegers Ace Hardware and Sky Ute Casino. I’m Connor Shreve. Over the past few years, Sepp Kuss has solidified himself as Cyclings Top Teammate. But in 2023, his place as America’s most exciting cyclist, took a step forward by leading his team to an unprecedented sweep of the sport’s Three Grand Tours, culminating in his own win at the tour of Spain. Despite calling Andorra home the past few years, he recently returned to Durango where he received a welcome befitting his accomplishments. He says, sharing the day in Durango with the people he knows means more to him than crossing the finish line first in Madrid.

You don’t realize that until you are really part of the community or experience a bit of what Durango is. And yeah, I give at the basis of it all Durango and its lifestyle, full credit for where I am now.

Kuss was among the first members of Durango Devo as a kid, and his connection to the now established development program was evident throughout the day. Durango Devo Director of Development, Amy Haggart, says his return was an inspiration.

It’s beyond exciting for the coaches to inspire all of us to that, and just it makes us feel really good about what we’re doing and knowing that, Sepp’s just leading other kids into the dream of doing great things on a bike, which is really cool.

Kuss is clearly putting Durango in the spotlight of the American cycling world as fans flocked from Grand Junction, Denver, even as far as Connecticut. Ken Corby came from Austin, Texas to see Sepp, who he called the right man for the right time.

He’s very humble and he’s definitely a team player and in competitive cycling, you know it’s about teamwork and he just puts it out and just doesn’t call attention to himself and just a great story and he’s got a beautiful family and which is another part of the component, and he just makes you want to be a friend with him. It’s just tremendous. He makes you want to ride.

Cassie Slade was also inspired watching Kuss this season.

Oh, it was amazing. He’s such a team player and to watch him be able to then win himself was just phenomenal. We’re cheering as loud as we could from home.

Whether it was on social media, through interviews, or even from the final podium of the Vuelta a Espana, Kuss has been quick to credit Durango and he says events like this help him with his goal of staying as connected to the community as possible while living in another country during his professional cycling career.

Just by virtue of living in Durango, you already start at an advantage because you have so many outdoor opportunities. The community is so ingrained in outdoors and it’s all really good people. It’s a really wholesome way to grow up.

Whatever the sport brings Sepp Kuss in the years to come, it’s a safe bet that this town will remain steadfastly supportive of its hometown hero. Learn more about this and other stories at durangolocal.news. Thanks for watching this edition of The Local News Network. I’m Connor Shreve.

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