8 Ways to Feel Better With CBD

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One of the most popular Home Medicine Summit presentations last year was about the health benefits of CBD oil . . .

. . . and you may remember that, in the spring, we sent everyone who purchased lifetime access to the Summit a week’s supply of organic, highly concentrated CBD.

Well, my TGN team didn’t know I was going to do this, but I ordered enough CBD to give to each of them as a “bonus” and thank-you for all their hard work in putting the Summit together.

They’ve been using it . . . and have reported better mood stabilityimproved sleepincreased mental sharpness, a generally enhanced sense of well-being, and fewer aches and pains — all without the “high.”

In fact, I asked Nikki (TGN’s wonderful Director of Happiness and Fulfillment) if she’d be willing to share her experience with CBD.

She said “Absolutely!” and sent me the following testimonial:

“I have found that taking CBD has significantly decreased my anxiety (I hope someday for it to all be gone). I have found myself being able to handle the chaos of my day-to-day life calmly and have even found myself trying things that I would normally never do (like an all-day boat ride on a lake where I can’t see the shoreline . . . ha ha!).”

I’ve been taking this CBD, too, and have been experiencing similar benefits.

I’m delighted, but not really surprised: CBD is a powerful and beneficial hemp extract. It is the most prevalent compound found in the plant, and it works with your body’s own endocannabinoid system, with dramatic health and wellness benefits.

Together, CBD and the endocannabinoid system can have many therapeutic benefits, including the ones my team and I have experienced.

The best part? CBD is safe and effective . . . and it is easy to add to your daily routine.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level­ and start benefiting from high-quality CBD oil like my team has, look no further than TGN’s ultra-strength CBD + terpenes. Each daily serving is packed full of high-potency, full-spectrum CBDgrown organically and extracted naturally using no solvents or chemicals.

This CBD oil is absorbed quickly and gives a nearly instantaneous release of this life-changing cannabinoid. This revolutionary CBD uses oil harvested fresh from Colorado fields.

P.S. In case you missed those “8 Ways to Feel Better With CBD” that I mentioned in the headline, here’s what my team and I have experienced:

  1. Better mood stability
  2. Improved sleep 
  3. Increased mental sharpness 
  4. A generally enhanced sense of well-being
  5. Fewer aches and pain
  6. Decreased anxiety 
  7. Ability to handle the chaos of day-to-day life calmly 
  8. Sense of adventure/willingness to try new things 

Article courtesy of TheGrowNetwork.com / Written By Marjory Wildcraft

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