CBD Works Better With a Little THC

But you don’t need to get high to reap the benefits of CBD (unless you want to).

CBD Benefits

There is a growing body of evidence that CBD can provide relief for a variety of ailments, like pediatric seizure disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and addiction.

CBD users are claiming benefits such as that CBD is an Anti-depressant, Anti-convulsant, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and even that it’s Neuro-protective.  Health claims like these explain the sudden popularity of CBD based supplements.  And the fact that it is not as tightly controlled by governments around the US has lead to it being though of as the “medicinal” part of CBD.

THC: Just for Funsies?

recreational marijuana use

So where does that leave THC?  Is it the illegal part?  Well, yes, in many areas.  Thankfully not in Durango, Colorado!

But is it “bad” or just for recreation?  Certainly not.  Project CBD provides demystifying information about cannabis medicine and therapeutics.  On their list of CBD Myths & Misconceptions, item number one is: “CBD is medical. THC is recreational.”

Project CBD receives many inquiries from around the world and oftentimes people say they are seeking “CBD, the medical part” of the plant, “not THC, the recreational part” that gets you high. Actually, THC, “The High Causer,” has awesome therapeutic properties. Scientists at the Scripps Research Center in San Diego reported that THC inhibits an enzyme implicated in the formation of  amyloid beta plaque, the hallmark of Alzheimer’s-related dementia. The federal government recognizes single-molecule THC (Marinol) as an anti-nausea compound and appetite booster, deeming it a Schedule III pharmaceutical, a category reserved for drugs with little abuse potential. But whole plant cannabis, which is the only natural source of THC, continues to be classified as a dangerous Schedule I drug with no medical value.

Clearly the relationship between THC, it’s users, and the government is convoluted.  But that is changing with increased decriminalization and increased study.

Better Together, the “Entourage Effect “

The best available science makes clear that whole-plant cannabis preparations are superior to single compounds because the plant’s mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids interact to create an “entourage effect” that enhances each other’s therapeutic effects.  This is a synergistic interaction, which means all these components join together to do more work than they would individually.  Or as Stephen Covey would say “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts“.  I don’t think he was talking about marijuana use, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

A guy who is talking about Marijuana, Genevieve R Moore PhD, says

When CBD is combined with a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum of cannabinoids, terps and phenolics, we often see two results: lower doses are required, and the bell-shaped response curve disappears… CBD alone might not absorb or travel as far through the body without its entourage. A few of the terpenoids found in cannabis extracts are so good at moving drugs across skin barriers that they are added to products designed for transdermal delivery.


cbs dosageSo how much THC do you need to reap the benefits?

There is evidence that as little as 1mg of THC in conjunction with CBD is of benefit.  Some is better than none.  And it is really up to you how much psychoactive effect you can handle.  If you are reading this, you’re probably not looking to get backed.

I should say that we can’t give medical advice here, nor should to take medical advice from blog posts!  But I suggest you try using your favorite CBD with the best whole-plant cannabis you can lay your hands on. Perhaps this means swallowing a CBD capsule and then taking a puff off a joint an hour later.  Or there are many high CBD / low THC joints on the market that offer a more robust mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids than you can get in a CBD capsule alone.

As always, start with small doses and work your way up until you find what works for you.

If you’re in Durango, check out our dispensary directory for local shops that can source your CBD & THC products.

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