Marijuana Grow Laws for La Plata County

Photo Credit Tim Blake

Photo Credit Tim Blake

Being outdoors amongst nature is a standard Durango activity thanks to its breath-taking beauty, awesome outdoor adventures and friendly neighborhood demeanor. Positioned along the sunny valley of the Animas River, Durango boasts excellent gardening conditions during the spring and summer months which has many contemplating the addition of a cannabis plot to their garden layout.

For those who would like to try their hand at marijuana cultivation, Durango is a great place to do it, but it’s important to understand cannabis cultivation laws in La Plata county beforehand.

Grow laws in La Plata County

Colorado law permits the cultivation of cannabis for personal use in most areas including Durango. Though some areas are stricter regarding what is and isn’t allowed, La Plata county is fairly liberal regarding cannabis cultivation. Still, there are some guidelines that must be followed in order to remain compliant and well within the scope of Colorado law. Here are a few of the most important laws regarding cannabis cultivation in Durango and La Plata county as a whole.

  • Individuals may grow up to six plants and households can grow up to 12 with half flowering at a time. When growing outdoors, remember that all plants will transition to a flower cycle at once so it’s best to limit the plot to account for this. Growers can determine the gender of their cannabis plants early by either taking clones from female plants or force-flowering clones under grow lights.
  • All plants must be in a secure location and out of public view. If minors live in or visit the area, plants must remain in locked up in either a greenhouse or an indoor grow room at all times. Quality grow boxes are an excellent way to ensure security while simultaneously monitoring growing conditions for indoor set-ups.
  • The total weight of a harvest may remain in the possession of the growers without consequence. Residents should still avoid transporting large quantities of cannabis, however, in order to avoid fines.
  • It is legal to gift up to one ounce of cannabis to another adult (over the age of 21) as long as no money, goods or services are exchanged in the process.
  • Solvent extraction is prohibited in La Plata county because of the danger these volatile substances possess. For those interested in extracting cannabinoids from their personal cannabis harvest, bubble hash or rosin are the only safe, legal options for doing so.

Where to Find Cannabis Plants in Durango

Once settling on your garden set-up, it’s time to start gathering supplies. Though many standard supplies can be picked up from your local gardening store, cannabis plants and seeds are a bit trickier to come by. Fortunately, there are a few distributors in the area that sell top-quality marijuana seeds and clones for reasonable prices to get your marijuana grow going indefinitely.


For those who prefer starting from seed (for stability and variety), Animas Herbal Wellness Center and Durango Organics sell cannabis seeds recreationally and provide instruction on cannabis cultivation to help you grow your green thumb while growing a nice indica. Online seed banks provide even more strain options and will ship virtually anywhere in the world, though payment methods can be tricky and shipment is not always guaranteed.


Clones are another popular method for starting a cannabis garden because they omit the germination period and take the guess work out of identifying the plant’s gender. Taken from cuttings of known female plants, clones will produce an exact genetic copy of the mother ensuring a total female crop reducing the chance of pollination or hermaphroditic plants (buds that have seeds in them). Durango Organics sells clones, as well.

Gardening season is quickly approaching. For Durango residents who are eager try their hand at a marijuana garden, the time to prepare is near. Get ready with some marijuana seeds or clones, plenty of nutrients and a secure grow location then sit back and watch your freedom bloom.


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