What type of restaurant chairs do diners love?

When it comes to dining in restaurants, we all have our preferences. Whether it’s the type of food, location or speed of service – a lot of elements combine to help us decide which restaurant we want to visit. One overlooked element of this is the style of seating, as this can actually impact the restaurants that we choose. Join us as we take a look at the restaurant chairs that diners love…


There’s nothing better for a family than booth style seating. This type of seating can allow us to get up close and personal with those we’re dining with. As long as these are kept in good condition, they can make a good first impression. No one wants to sit in a dirty or ripped booth though, so they must be kept in good repair.

This can help you to maximize the space that you have available within the restaurant too. Smaller booths can be placed back to back to create more seating. If you’re struggling to find a way to fit in more furniture without making the restaurant feel crowded, then using booths can be the answer.

Bar Stools

Sophisticated bar stools can bring a different facet to your restaurant. This is loved by customers that want to relax in a grown up environment, at the bar or at high tables. If you want to create a chic atmosphere, while also saving space, then you can set these up in a bar area.

restaurant chairs

These can be very comfortable for your patrons too, which is another added bonus. These can be easily moved around to make for a new layout, if you want to experiment with different areas of the restaurant. These can be used against a bar or shelf area, which can allow you to fit in more diners around the walls of the restaurant.

In casual bars and restaurants, these tend to work well. If you’re serving food, make sure the table is at an appropriate height to make this comfortable. Restaurant chairs can make a big difference to how comfortable your customer is!


Also popular in casual restaurants, couches and soft furnishings can make for a comfortable experience. These mismatched furnishings can be more cost effective, but can still be stylish when combined correctly. Patterns, prints and different fabrics can be used to make a fantastic seating arrangement.

These can be slightly trickier to keep in good repair, as lighter fabrics can be easily marked. You should also conduct thorough cleans of these couches on a regular basis. There are many nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned, so don’t overlook these. Adding throws and cushions can make for a homier environment for patrons, which works well for many types of establishments.

There are many different types of seating that you can choose from for your restaurant. Just ensure the décor is cohesive, from the seating to the rest of the furnishings. Make your customers a priority and they’ll be happy to patronize your business.

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