ZIA TAQUERIA for Snowdown!


Snowdown is this weekend, and you may be trying to brainstorm the perfect restaurant to help make meal planning easy! One of the local favorites is Zia Taqueria, a healthy, fast, fresh-Mex style restaurant. With burritos, nachos, tacos, bowls, and salads, there are several combinations and an excellent selection. It’s a popular restaurant around Durango—the food is consistently tasty!
One of the goals of Zia is to serve locally-grown food, and they actually own 2 greenhouses and 1 hoop house for growing vegetables, and work with several local growers. They are also actively involved with the community, giving back to various charities and organizations in town.
In addition, Zia values green practices, and is partially solar powered (they produce about 40% of their consumed energy!).


They also practice the reduce, reuse, recycle concepts. To incorporate these ideas, they have several unique practices: they purchase bicycles for employees so they can ride around town and to work, give kitchen scraps to local farms to feed chickens, do not have plastic bags, have installed water savers on all water faucets, and much more!
They have two locations in Durango: Zia North and Zia South, so it’s a convenient choice on either side of town. If you’re looking for a quick meal, or a selection to pick up and take with you, Zia Taqueria is the perfect selection. This weekend is the perfect time to try it out! Take a look at their website for the menu, locations, and additional information: http://www.ziataqueria.com/index.html

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