What To Do After A Road Accident In Durango

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The 2017-2021 Colorado State Patrol Strategic Plan is designed to minimize fatal road accidents by creating more awareness and equipping drivers more effectively. Within a year, the department has managed to drop the figure by 1.4%, which inches them closer to the target of 5%. Motorists have a lot on their plate and also have to contend with non-fatal accidents, fender benders, and road hogs who decide to weave, tailgate, and cause a ruckus on the roads. In the event of an incident, it’s good to know what support is on hand to guide you through the motions.

Wait For Authorities To Arrive 

Those who travel from New York or Los Angeles might find the Durango peak-hour traffic to be non-existant. The vast majority of motorists only take between 10 to 15 minutes to travel to work, which is a fraction of those in other, bigger cities. That doesn’t mean that the laws are relaxed in terms of minor infringements or fender benders. Motorists are to remain on the scene of an accident until the authorities arrive, even if no one got hurt. It’s important to report the accident in order to get a case number, as the insurance will need this number when you submit a claim. This is also a good time to get the details of the other party, if someone else was involved.

Know What To Report 

While it may seem unpleasant, it’s important to get as much information as possible, without revealing too much to the other party. Answer questions as directly as possible, as anything you say may be used at a later stage if there is a problem. You will need to know what to report in order to let the case take its course: information about what happened, details of the driver, and the required information for the insurance. According to FVF, video footage from a dashcam will help especially if you’ve suffered an injury in the incident and may need to seek legal advice before medical bills start stacking up.

After-Accident Checks And Balances 

Even if a car doesn’t seem to have any nicks, bumps, or dents, it’s still important to have it checked out by a mechanic to ensure that nothing has shifted or cracked. The same goes for your body, as accident injuries can sometimes take months to manifest. It’s also important to check in with the insurance that all the items have been paid and if you were required to pay out a third party, that this amount was settled.

Those few minutes after an accident are critical in order to ensure that everything is resolved in a timely manner. Stay put, document everything, and do your follow-ups to ensure a smooth process.

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