Canada pardons – useful things to know before starting an application

This article is meant to help those looking for a pardon in Canada determine whether or not they indeed require one, but also what they need to know before starting an application. It’s also a good idea to check out the FAQs – Pardons – Record suspensions because it contains additional valuable information on the matter. There are many situations in which it’s easy to mistaken the need for a pardon with the need for something entirely different, so making sure you need one is essential. It also holds information regarding the different things that are required of you for your application.

Am I eligible?

Considering what other countries refer to as a pardon, it’s quite easy to confuse its signification in Canada. In Canada, a pardon has a different meaning and it does not dismiss you of a sentence. In Canada, pardons are granted to people that have already completed their sentence as a result of being convicted of a crime. Applying for a pardon before or during the time in which the sentence is served won’t do a candidate any good.

When is a good time to start?

Theoretically, you can start working on your pardon application as soon as your sentence is served and you become a free citizen once more. However, there are things you need to take into consideration such as the fact that a pardon application will imply that people will be looking into your case. More specifically, the officials responsible for granting pardons will take a very close look at your lifestyle after the conviction. To get a pardon, you must prove that you are a changed person, are able to keep a job and represent no risk or danger for society whatsoever. Taking some time to get your affairs in order, to find a job that proves you are responsible and to detach yourself completely from all things from the past that might put you in a bad light is therefore ideal.

Do I really need to hire someone?

There are multiple organization that can help you compile and submit your pardon application. Most applicants rely on these organizations for help, but that is completely optional. If you want to, you can do everything yourself, excluding the mandatory fingerprints which must be done at a certified center. Keep in mind however that a pardon application is no walk in the park, but you will be doing a lot of walking from office to office, and you will have a lot of documents and things on your mind. Having someone specialized that does this constantly will smoothen things by a very significant amount.

What organizations help with pardons?

There are two main options for a pardon applicant: a pardon agent or a lawyer. The former is an employee of a pardon agency and literally helps with pardon applications for a living. It goes without saying that they will know everything one needs for an application, will help you do things in the quickest way possible and can even provide tips and advice from vast experience. The latter is less versed with pardon applications specifically, but compensates with a vast understanding of the law, which also comes into play. Lawyers can help you traverse the tricky paths of the law and make things move faster from that perspective. In both cases, they will do all the “heavy lifting” for you and take care of all the running around and submitting documents.

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