Did you miss our herding trial last weekend?

Did you miss our herding trial?

Kudos to our hard working, dedicated lovers of Herding events!
Two highly successful days of herding fun and competition this past weekend!
  Special recognition goes to:
Incredible Trial Chairpersons- Mia Stovall and Kay Rizzardi
Amazing Trial Secretary-  Kris Read
Superb Course Director- Jim Lewis
Purveyor of Gourmet Luncheons- Karen Lewis, assisted by Gail Gardner
Photographer Extraordinaire – Page Lindsay
  Masters of a multitude of undefined tasks – Karlee Udero and her anonymous side kick
Phenomenal Geese Sorters and Guiders  – Cherie Morris and Erica Max
Enthusiastic Scribe – Karen Small
Learned Farm Dog Aide –Desiree Herbaugh
Cheerful Automobile Arranger- Deb Kimmel
Outstanding Gate Warden- Gail Gardner
Trio of Sheep Drovers – Mia, Jim and Cathy
Patty Winchester was also a car Parker and our hummingbird runner for the paperwork
offered by the President of the DKC  Barbara Schwartz
For more info on Durango Kennel Club events visit:  https://www.durangokennelclub.com/
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