Durango Kennel Club Celebrates Dogs!

Durango Kennel Club Celebrates Dogs!

The Durango Kennel Club just celebrated its annual awards banquet—  celebrating the achievements of its members with their beloved dogs.   Held at the Kennebec Restaurant in Hesperus this year, the food was excellent. and the DKC members all enjoyed the event.

                         DKC members at annual awards banquet 2020

Once a year the DKC membership gathers in celebration of the AKC titles member dogs have earned in the past year.  As the only AKC club in the Four Corner’s Area, members’ dogs compete in multiple events including herding, agility, rally, obedience and conformation.

Buzz, in one of his first trials!

Dedicated to the welfare of dogs and enjoy having fun with purebred and/or mixed breed dogs.

Snow White Harlequin Great Dane champion


New Champion “SNOW WHITE”

The club is active in supporting dogs– in our Four Corners community and nationally.  DKC has made significant financial contributions for the past two years including  to worthy dog causes like our local La Plata County Humane Society. 

President Barbara Schwartz notes that as a club, DKC has had many successes over the past year–

  1. Our shows last May were well attended and financially successful.
  2. This year we added a license to hold Herding Trials to our already impressive list of licensed events.  Mia Stovall and company will be leading the effort to hold several trials this year.
  3. We hosted, along with Creature Comforts, the Canine Carnival in October which we anticipate making an annual event.
dkc canine carnival

                                         DKC canine carnival

4. In March DKC donated $2000 to the La Plata County                   Humane Society.           

5. In August DKC donated $5,000 toward the purchase of a             new Police Dog for the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office                 Canine Unit.  This was matched by equal funds from AKC             ReUnite, an affiliate of the American Kennel Club Fenix               arrived in Durango in January.



  1. In December we purchased, again with matching funds from AKC ReUnite, 3 Impact crates for the Police Dogs.
  2. And sometime this spring our AKC ReUnite Disaster & Emergency trailer, designated for use throughout the 4 corners area, and spearheaded by clubs in New Mexico, will be delivered to Aztec, NM. DKC, along with multiple Dog Clubs in New Mexico contributed funds toward that purchase in 2018.
  3. And just recently, we joined the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders.  This organization fights for our right to own and breed dogs and most recently was successful in killing HB1084, a bill that was harmful to all people in Colorado, but most especially to dog owners and breeders.

If you are interested in connecting with the club and finding out more about its activities feel free to attend a meeting.  The next one scheduled is:

Date:  March 17, 2020

Time:  7:00 pm

Location:  ​Creature Comforts, Centennial Center, 305 S. Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO

The Club will be hosting its annual Four Day Competition—an All Breed Dog Show to be held at the Convention Center

McGee Park

41 Road 5568, Farmington, New Mexico. 

May 14-15-16-17, 2020

See the dogs compete in Conformation, Obedience, and Rally.  There will be beginner puppy competitions.  505-325- 5415

For for more information about the Durango Kennel Club, its classes, events and meetings– visit its website:



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