Cannabis-Infused Face Masks for Your Skin

Cannabis-Infused Face Masks for Your Skin


Cannabis-infused masks are rapidly gaining popularity, along with other CBD products. It is estimated that the global CBD market reaches $2,177.99 million by 2023. Given the abundance of research on marijuana-related effects, it is not surprising that more and more people decide to try out these products and experience their benefits. 

Benefits of Marijuana Face Masks

Marijuana-infused products contain a high proportion of CBD and/or THC, which has antioxidant properties. In other words, it helps to remove toxins and flush all the chemicals from the bloodstream and pores. This also leads to counteracting aging caused by free radicals. As a natural hydrating component, CBD helps to balance and stimulate oil production, keeping the skin moisturized, well-hydrated, and, as a result, wrinkles become less visible.

Another benefit is the reduction of inflammation. For instance, high salt intake can cause the face to have a swollen appearance. This results from increased inflammation and can be eliminated by applying a THC mask that relaxes facial muscles and has an in-depth action.

Acne is reduced and even eliminated through the periodical application of CBD face masks because the active component triggers the skin’s natural healing process. It shortens the lifespan of eczema and breakouts and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Marijuana face masks can also be applied to relieve headaches and migraines as it is also connected to its anti-inflammatory properties, releasing the face and skull’s pressure, thus reducing the discomfort. This can be a viable alternative for painkillers as it comes with fewer side effects, among others. 

Do-It-Yourself Cannabis Face Mask Recipes

Making Cannabis-Infused Oil Base

Firstly, it is essential to make the cannabis oil base that will be used for recipes. You may also purchase an already infused oil of your liking. If you have access to cannabis, it is relatively straightforward to make the base by yourself:

  •   ¼ ounce ground cannabis
  •   3 cups distilled water
  •   1 cup olive oil
  •   A cheesecloth

You can choose a strain of your liking for this mask. Pour water, oil, and the ground cannabis in a pot and set it on low temperature. Cover it with a lid and let it simmer for one hour and a half. Make sure you mix it occasionally to avoid burning the mixture.

Place the cheesecloth on a regular strainer and strain the weed from the mixture. You can keep it for any other edibles or recipes you might want to prepare. Leave the liquid mixture at room temperature for several hours until the two ingredients separate. Freeze it for one hour, so you can spoon out the oil that will be used in mask recipes, or any topical applications.

Cannabis and Yogurt Face Mask

Cannabis comes with many benefits for the skin, while yogurt is often used as a base in many DIY face masks because it is a brightening agent due to the lactic acid. For best results, full-fat yogurt can be used to moisturize the skin. Additionally, turmeric is a flavorful spice that can soothe irritation and even out the skin due to its active component, known as curcumin. This is fat-soluble, and the yogurt will keep the spice from staining your face. Turmeric is known as a collagen booster, so your face will appear younger and with shallower wrinkles.

The ingredients for this nutrient-rich face mask are:

  •   One tablespoon of full-fat yogurt
  •   ½ teaspoon raw honey
  •   One teaspoon of turmeric
  •   ½ teaspoon of cannabis-infused oil

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them thoroughly until they turn into a paste. Then, apply the mixture on the clean skin, including the area under the eyes. Leave this for 45-60 minutes, rinse it, and wash it off as usual.

Avocado & Cannabis Face Mask

Avocado is an essential ingredient that helps the skin, mostly due to research showing that it encourages new skin cells growth and speeds up healing wounds or scars. This is particularly relevant for people who suffer from acne scarring. Additionally, it contains spirulina powder packed with vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids that tone out the skin, while also acting as a mild exfoliant. 

To make the avocado and cannabis face mask, a few ingredients are needed:

  •   One medium-sized organic avocado
  •   Four drops of organic tea tree oil
  •   Two teaspoons of spirulina powder
  •   ¼ cup of cannabis oil

Peel the avocado, remove the pit, and put the flesh in a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until the mixture has the consistency of cream and a light green color.

To apply, wash your face thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris. For best results, you can steam your skin to open the pores. While the skin is still warm, apply the mask using your fingers or a brush. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Cannabis-Infused Charcoal Mask

The cannabis-infused charcoal mask has the best results for a more thorough option, but it is also made with more ingredients. Charcoal has also received recent attention due to its power of drawing up debris, dirt, and bacteria from pores. Due to these qualities, it helps with numerous skin problems, including acne.

For the mask, you need:

  •   One teaspoon activated charcoal
  •   Two chamomile tea bags (after they are steeped and cooled)
  •   Two tablespoons of turmeric
  •   ½ cup of aloe vera gel
  •   ¼ cup Witch Hazel
  •   Three teaspoons of the cannabis oil

Combine all ingredients until the mixture is a gel. Apply the mask on the clean skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.


All in all, cannabis-infused face masks cannot be doubted when it comes to their benefits. They do not only nourish the skin, but it can even help with migraines, headaches, inflammation, and more. For the best results, you can make your own cannabis oil.

Although all masks have their benefits, the charcoal cannabis face mask might be at the top. This is because of the numerous proven benefits of turmeric, charcoal, and aloe vera, among others. You may use this mask once or twice per week or as often as necessary, based on your needs.


Post courtesy of Tia M., Editor and Contributor at AskGrowers 

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